what being a homebody

means and looks like.

Whether it's a romantic date night in,

reveling in the comfort of me time,

or hosting a gathering of friends,

HŌMBÄDĒ recognizes your desire

to do it in style.

we are homebodies ... our homes are filled with oodles of books and music and family and friends and furbabies • we love to cook and eat in and entertain and drink wine with lunch and grow fresh herbs and tend flower gardens • our tables sparkle with candlelight and every chair has a cozy throw or an oversized pillow or a cat on it • we read in the bathtub and take naps on the deck and stargaze in the backyard • our refrigerators are filled with spanish cheese and french bubbly and last night’s leftover pizza and we own edible gold glitter because hello, champagne jello needs a garnish • we wear silk caftans and cashmere pajamas on tuesday afternoons • our mixing bowls are grandma’s pyrex and our cake plates are great grandma’s wedgewood and our favorite coffee mug came from a 12-year-old's pottery class • we never go out on new year’s eve but still wear top hats and tiaras • we celebrate the dog’s birthday with his favorite gelato and do breakfast in bed with fresh flowers and drink our sparkling water from crystal flutes • we read that jane austen line ‘there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort’ and we couldn’t agree more • our home is our castle our sanctuary our happy place our monday night take-out date night place our girls night in place our staycation vacation place our defining sense of place place our refining our personal style place our absolute favorite place to be place • we know fancy doesn’t have to mean fussy and we use the good dishes and silver every single day and we’re totally homebodies but we're all about staying in stylishly so make it HŌMBÄDĒ, darling

Our Story, Mission + Values


HŌMBÄDĒ  {phonetic pronunciation of homebody} is redefining what being a homebody means and looks like. Founded on the principles of impeccable craftsmanship, ingredient transparency and a natural, but luxurious, approach to everyday living, we’re passionate about creating products that elevate the experience of being at home #StayingInStylishly. Our signature line is composed of our luxury candles, home fragrance and home spa goods.

All our finished products are designed, formulated and small-batch made by human hands in our home state of Virginia, and, when possible, we source our ingredients and packaging from U.S. manufacturers. Influenced by global cultures and styles, we do procure a variety of high-quality, non-native materials from the best fair trade sources around the world. We care deeply about the health of our makers, our customers, our supply chain workers and our planet, and our clean + green approach to sourcing ingredients and making HŌMBÄDĒ goods means that they never contain phthalates, parabens, sulfates or artificial dyes and preservatives, and our products are never tested on animals. All our containers are eco-friendly, reusable or recyclable, and BPA-free.


If you have any questions or feedback about our products or ingredients, or a story you'd like to share, please send us a note via our contact page. To keep up to date with all the latest HŌMBÄDĒ news, including trends, tips and things we think are inspiring, beautiful or cool, join our our INsiders or head over to our CEO's blog, Following My Bliss.

Our Values

  • The modern homebody is sociable, stylish, optimistic and expressive. 

  • Home is the incubator for who we are, how we live and what we cherish.

  • Our environments tell our story.

  • Sensory experiences can have a positive influence our mood and mindset.

  • Green and clean products are essential for health and mindful living. 

  • Simple luxury must be accessible.

  • Playfulness and self-care are essential to well-being and happiness.

  • Natural and organic elements provide timeless style, comfort and grounding.

  • Staying in should be as much of an occasion as going out.

  • Integrity and passion in all things.  


Q & A with our founder, Barbie Saylor Kurt

What is HŌMBÄDĒ and how do you say it?

HŌMBÄDĒ is pronounced like homebody - in fact, it's an expression of the phonetic pronunciation

of homebody - and comprises the home fragrance and home spa product lines of Homebody Brands. A real life homebody - me - develops all the products, and designs with an eye (and a nose) toward elevating the experience of staying in and being at home.

I love that the name is actually a phonetic pronunciation. It represents getting down to the basics, like our ingredients, but has a stylish, unique and memorable look at the same time, like the HŌMBÄDĒ customer.

But aren't homebodies people who sit at home in sweatpants and watch TV all day?

Um, no. Well, maybe during a blizzard or something. The HŌMBÄDĒ homebody is someone who believes that staying in can be as much of an occasion as going out - and should be planned with as much panache. The modern homebody is sociable, stylish, optimistic and expressive. Home is where we spend so much of our time - working, playing, relaxing, raising families and entertaining - and we all crave a space that reflects our style and values and nourishes our well-being and creativity. We want our environments to appeal to the senses - to look beautiful, smell great, have textures that feel luxurious and be filled with sounds that uplift our spirit.


How does HŌMBÄDĒ help customers to achieve that ideal environment?  

Scent has the ability to transport, to awaken memories, imprint experiences, and influence our mood and mindset - and our home fragrance and home spa products deliver true sensory journeys. Our signature home fragrance scents are Beau, Bloom, Cozy, Elle, Posh and Zen, and each one has been blended to embody its name and infuse the environment with a unique spirit. Each has a personality, and our shoppers have a wonderful array of choices to suit their own nature and tastes, or cultivate a particular kind of mood. The Voyage Collection is an exotic line of destination-themed scents like Bali, Baja, Marrakesh and Provence in stunningly gorgeous containers; and our Spa Collection provides a unique retreat experience at home, and pairs our fragrance products with spa goodies like our Mineral Salt Soak. Our Culinaria line features a delectable array of bakery, barista, garden and herb scents, and we also release limited edition fragrances throughout the year to offer inspired ways to accentuate the changes of season and celebrate the holidays. 

You mentioned HŌMBÄDĒ ingredients - what is special about them?  

They come from nature - not a corporate lab, and there's nothing on the list that you can't pronounce or understand its meaning or purpose. They are high-quality ingredients, like vegetable wax derived from organic coconuts, pure undiluted essential oils, Turbinado sugar and Dead Sea salts - and many  of them are certified organic. All of our products are petroleum-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, dye-free and cruelty-free. Almost all of our products are vegan. Our candle wicks are a cotton-paper weave or wood sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-certified mills. Coconut wax is very clean-burning, and with our fragrance blends, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals burning off in the air your children or pets are breathing. All of our containers and packaging are reusable, recyclable and BPA-free, so we generate as little waste as possible. And, our shipping materials are also recyclable and compostable. At Homebody Brands, we care deeply about the health of our customers, our planet and the workers in  our supply chain, and our green approach to sourcing, making and consuming is front and center with every product we develop.

What is your home environment like?  

My husband, Scott, and I are both in creative careers, so it's super eclectic and reflects our broad range of passions and inspirations. I'm obsessed with texture, so there are a lot of cozy throws and pillows everywhere, and hammered tables, reclaimed wood and glass. Every room is scented to amplify its purpose. And, I'm a huge book nerd, so there are books in every room of the house - except the bathrooms. Scott is a country singer-songwriter, so we have a custom Gibson guitar hanging on our family room wall. One of our favorite things to do together is cook, and we have an original black and white publicity still for Julia Child's 1970s PBS series "Julia Child & Company" framed in our kitchen. We also live with our rescue kitties, so there's always a furbaby or two hanging around. Everyone knows about the four Cs of diamond shopping, but I have four Cs for the home - character, comfort, conviviality and coziness.  

Tell us more about the four Cs.  

They are the traits I think every home should have, and the lens through which I make any decorating or design decision. And of course, scent can play a role in each of one.

Character - Is your home unique, personal and authentic? Does the decor reflect who lives there, your values and style? If you live in a condo or an apartment or are a renter, you can't always control what the exterior of your residence looks like, but the interior of your home should tell your story.

Comfort - Literally, is it comfortable? Are the sofas, chairs and beds lovely but too stiff or too soft or too rough? I call this one the Goldilocks test. Your pieces should be "just right" in style and function.

Convivial - Is it a place that makes you happy? Is there life and laughter and love and music in the space? Is there positive energy? Are friends and family frequent visitors? Does your home have a social life?

Cozy - This is that little something extra, that je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference. It's all about soul and spirit and vibe - the intangibles. This is also where lighting comes into play. Is it inviting and warm?  

And, I actually have a secret fifth C that may be the most vital of all - Cats! Their presence in our home amplifies all the other Cs exponentially. In all seriousness - and so as not to leave out the dog, rabbit and parakeet people - the fifth C is for companion animal. Opening your heart and home to a rescue animal is one of the most mutually rewarding acts of love imaginable, and they truly do bring the other four Cs to life daily in the most beautiful and meaningful ways. 

What is the most important piece of home decor advice you would give?

Personal touches are everything. Of course we are all inspired by magazines, Instagram, blogs and design shows, but the worst mistake someone can make is trying to copy a look detail for detail. It's the unique, individual pieces - and cats - that truly transform a mere house into a home.