• Abra Kurt

Not Sorry

PSA: There is so. much. freedom. to be gained when we stop caring about what others think. People judge. People criticize. People who have no idea what your day to day life is like will form opinions about who they think you are. Those people will tell other people, and seven times removed, someone who has never met you will have a fully formed picture of you in their mind. I speak from experience on this, and I know it hurts. I know it's hard to ignore harsh words and forgone conclusions, especially when we know they aren't true.

One of my favorite quotes is, "People in the cheap seats don't get an expensive opinion of your life." So. Much. Freedom.

Don't get me wrong. Those naysayers, haters, and Karens (I call them Blissburglars) won't fade quietly into the sunset. In fact, your resistance and resilience may make them louder. Or multiply. See, here's the thing: negative people like negativity. They go bananas when people take the high road and don't engage. My friend, here's when you just have to embrace your inner Elsa, and let it go. Go ahead, sing it out loud. You know you want to.

In my ongoing journey to take care of myself and my immediate family and pursue my dreams, I've been judged for a lot of things. Another favorite quote of mine is, "You will never be criticized by people doing more than you." In fact, it's happened so many times and over some fairly ridiculous things, that I've made a top 10 list of things for which I'm not sorry. Maybe you'll recognize yourself in some these. If you do, drop a comment below.

  1. Unfriending someone on social media

  2. Paying for help to handle tasks I have no desire to do myself

  3. Ignoring the created drama of toxic people

  4. Not feeling responsible for living someone else’s life

  5. Prioritizing making money

  6. Saying no without an explanation

  7. Calling out bullies, liars, and bigots

  8. Walking away from people and situations that compromise my values or well-being

  9. Expressing my emotions and speaking my truth

  10. Not answering the phone

My beautiful friend, stop letting other people beat you up for taking care of you.

I have your back.